Dallas Arboretum Spring Wedding


I have a really good feeling this is going to be one of my favorite days of 2023. The Dallas Arboretum is easily my favorite place to be for a wedding no matter the time of year. I had been long awaiting Hannah and Lincoln’s day ever since they chose me to be their wedding photographer. Hannah created the most dreamy fine-art meets minimal vision and the arboretum was truly the perfect venue for it. I met Hannah a month before the wedding in Dallas for her bridal session, we had so much fun being able to be creative, grab some photos before the big day, and of course, I was so excited to see Hannah in her amazing dress from Beloved Bridal.

MARCH 11TH, 2023

Hannah and Lincoln’s wedding day was full of some of the sweetest moments and people. You can’t have a conversation with HG without two things happening, her intentionality shining through, and her talking about Jesus. I love people who think and feel things deeply and Hannah embodies that and so much more. These two love their family and those around them so well, they have centered their wedding around Christ and have glorified him through every aspect.  They are a power duo for the kingdom and I feel lucky to know them. They have pushed me to meditate on Genesis and Revelation, value the small moments, and show a heart of worship. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this day. Hannah wrote a song for Lincoln and surprised her parents with a video the day of the wedding, the wedding party was a joy to be around, and they made the most of every single moment.

From our very first interaction HG and Lincoln’s intentionally was so clearly evident. With their wedding date, March 11th, 2023, referencing Revelation 3:11 and conversations about the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in the Garden, this day was so carefully planned and poured into. I feel so honored to have photographed this day. I look up to these two so much and am just really excited to show you a bit of insight into their day. Already not so patiently waiting to be back for a Dallas Arboretum Wedding.






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