our approach for photo

love God. love people. (approach for life) 
people focused. relationships matter. stories matter. marriage matters. family matters. 

document the day. don’t direct it. it plays out better this way. 

make really good art. challenge yourself. trust your gut. 

have fun. 

(mostly all really good advice I’m thankful to have received) 

Vulnerability is a super power itself. The images we create are a reflection of our hearts for documenting and creating, but even more so a reflection of you and your story. I have so much gratitude for the ones who have invited us into their lives and to truly know them. We approach the day from a storytelling perspective. Each wedding day is different with different people and different needs. No shots list, no cookie cutter approach. We only offer full day coverage in order to document the day in full. The last thing we want is for the day to feel rushed or moments to not get the time they deserve. We don't do things for the photo. (Maybe this sounds odd since we're photographers). After all, being present is a lot more better than perfect. In fact, I think being present is as close to perfect as we can get.

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