The Start of Kyra Noel Photography


It all started with a car wash. This is almost ironic because if you know me, then you know one of my #1 fears in life is the car wash. It’s a really funny story of how I got to be where I am in the world of photography. I’m a firstborn at heart. Always independent, knows right from wrong, protective of my people, and slightly stubborn. Back when I was in elementary school we had a babysitter one day that I did not like and asked my brothers to wash her car. I ran back inside our house to grab my family’s cheap Nikon DSLR camera and started taking photos as what I would present as evidence to my parents. Long story short – I realized I could reach people and show authentic moments with a camera in my hand. These days those moments just look a little bit different 😉


I started yearbook staff in 5th grade and continued all throughout high school. I started taking senior photos my freshmen year of high school, photographed my first wedding when I was sixteen (really thankful for the coolest people out there who trusted a sixteen-year-old to shoot their wedding), opened up a studio at eighteen, and have photographed hundreds of moments and stories in between. Jesus has been so faithful to provide and I feel really thankful to be able to fulfill my photography dreams. I went running full speed with the opportunities I was given and haven’t looked back since. It feels unreal to me that this is my job and you all trust me with such important memories. I am just so grateful. I am always learning, always growing, and always looking to be better. Photographs you can feel – my biggest goal of what I want to give to you – because honestly, I just want to remember all of this. You all let me live my dream, so I want you to be able to have photographs of you living yours. If you made it this far, thank you. Thank you for being here! You can read more about why I love photography so much here.

xx – kyra noel

photos taken by my sweet friend Caitlin Wilson Photo, edited by me <3






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