5 Programs I Couldn’t Run my Business Without

Photographer Friends! This one’s for you!! This blog post is full of all of my favorite programs that make my workflow so much better and my stress go way down. I’ve also included some discount codes in the comments so you can try them out as well! Froom culling to web design to gallery delivery, I have it all covered in this post and am so excited to share it all with you.

  1. Honeybook


The program that keeps my sanity alive. But in all honesty I couldn’t imagine being organized without it. Honeybook does all of my contracts, questionnaires, invoices, and keeps everything in one place. It’s the best thing I’ve ever invested in for my workflow.

As soon as you try it out you’ll understand why I love it so much. And it’s perfect for all freelance workers, not just photographers.

There are two different specials I am so happy to offer you with Honeybook: $1/mo for 6 months, or 50% off your first year (That’s a savings of $200) At first I was so afraid to invest that much money into one program, but it was absolutely beyond worth it. It’s easy to use and has so many features that save you so much time and make life so much easier for everyone. Click the link below to save all the $$$ and see what all the rave is about.


2. Pic Time


I used Pixieset for years and finally decided to make the switch to Pic Time for a number of reasons. 1. Pic Times personal branding elements and emails beats out Pixieset for me by far. I’m able to send out emails with discount codes and more information so easily and even request for testimonials on the gallery site. 2. Clients can design their own photo album. This was huge for me. Not only did it save me hours of time but it allows my clients to choose exactly what photos they want and create a book that they love. 3. I personally love the flow of the galleries better. The design options that Pic Time allow look so professional and classy. 4. Promotions. This one was another huge one for me. Creating promotions and sales felt so much easier not only for me, but for my clients to view.

To get your first month of Pic Time free use this code QZVE5E when selecting your monthly plan.

3. Show It


Show It is the program I use to run my gallery and after trying numerous website platforms Show It has made everything so much better. It’s so customizable, easy to use (trust me, I am not a website guru), and their customer support is simply the best. Their templates are amazing and they truly allow you to make your whole website so personal with your own branding.

4. Narrative Select


The best culling program. Hands down. This little program seriously saves me hours upon hours of going through photos. It automatically points out photos that are out of focus (and gives them a rating based on how clear they are) and alerts you if there are any closed eyes in the photos. It’s been a literal blessing. For me, it tops Photo Mechanic by far and it very easy to learn. I can automatically star the best photos and take them straight into lightroom to be edited.

5. Basic Invite


I use Basic Invite to print all of my thank you cards, business cards, flyers for promo deals and all things stationery. They are a great, high quality, and affordable option to get great marketing materials and even print invites to practice doing layflats at home. I recommend them to all of my brides and have always been so impressed by what gets sent to my house. And their packaging is the cutest thing ever which I am a huge fan of. Below you can use the code to get 20% off anything on the website. Get some samples, business cards, and have fun designing things that will up your marketing game and promote your business!






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