Creating a Wedding Timeline

Let’s Talk Timelines! These are tips & tricks I send out to all of my brides to make planning easier and hopefully far less stressful! In no way I am a professional wedding planner, however I have found these tips helpful for when planning and what works best for me (and my brides)!

  1. Know What Time Sunset Is, I highly recommend getting Bride & Groom photos around sunset time (We alllll want that dreamy golden hour look) Keep the time of sunset in the back of your mind when planning and choosing a ceremony time. I typically do Bride & Groom portraits 30 minutes before sunset if I am designing the timeline.
  2. Plan for around an hour for details and family formals, this will vary by photographer, but I typically give myself an hour to do details and mock getting ready shots: what I mean by mock getting ready shots is your hair and makeup will already be done, and we will get shots of you getting into your dress, putting jewelry on, finishing touches…etc
  3. Doing a first look gives you more time to do all of the portraits before your Ceremony. Choosing to wait until the ceremony to see each other would put all of your portraits after the Ceremony. I build in *usually* an hour for family formals, full wedding party, and bride and groom photos.
  4. Have your Groomsmen take their portraits before the Bridesmaids so that you and your bride tribe have more time to get ready!
  5. Give yourself a 20/30 minute break pre-ceremony to relax with your wedding party and family, and it keeps the bride hidden when guests are arriving

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